This is the blog site for vZome, built with WordPress. I intend to publish content here much more frequently than I do on the main vZome page, and in a bit more depth than I might in the Facebook page. It is a work-in-progress, so pardon the dust! 

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  1. Hal Hill

    In the past I used vZome on Windows 7 and Firefox. I recently tried unsuccessfully to use it on Windows 10 and Firefox 11. I have the current Java. I can load the first screen for vZome but as soon as it tries to go to the second screen it bounces back. I would appreciate any suggestion you might have.

    • admin

      Just seeing this… I don’t moderate the blog very often, due to all the spam. I’ll send email and copy my collaborator who uses Windows.

  2. wholeo

    I joined with this bio: In my first year in college, 1953, I heard Bucky Fuller present at Walker Art Center in MN. Changed my life. Still reading, building geodesics, and planning a visit to the Fuller Dome in 2024. Converging thread started with making a stained glass skylight in Steve Baer’s zome home in Corrales, NM in 1972 after reading Domebook II, Zome Primer, Tipi Book, and the Whole Earth Catalog. Now centered on the structure of the Zometool ball as an imaginary model of 5D consciousness, am excited to start modeling with vZome.

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