If you have an Android-based mobile phone, and some vZome files stored in DropBox, you can try out the vZome Viewer application for Android.  Download the link directly to your phone, or via your computer and then via USB.  Find the APK file in your Downloads area, and launch it to install the app.

vZome Viewer is based on Google's Cardboard SDK, and is designed for use in a Cardboard viewer or similar. However, if you can free-view stereograms with your eyes (parallel, not cross-eyed), you can try it without the viewer.

vZome Viewer is still in the experimental stage, essentially just a proof-of-concept at the moment. When you launch it, you are presented with a DropBox picker to select a vZome file for viewing. The first time, you will be prompted to log in to your DropBox account.  No other file sources are supported, as yet.

While the selected model file is being loaded, you will see a medium blue "sky" background. If it loads successfully, the sky will change to light blue. You may not see the model immediately, but if you turn your head (and the phone) around in a circle, you will find it. If you hold the phone up in front of you, in landscape mode, the model should appear directly in front.

If the sky turns to red, the model did not load successfully. In that case, please share the model file with me, so I can determine where the defect lies (in the viewer app or the vzome-core library), and fix it.