Geometry Articles

Here are various pages that I've put together on some interesting vZome models and the related geometry, in roughly chronological order.

Several of these pages have stereo image pairs or triples.  The pairs are all designed for "goggle-eyed" rather than "cross-eyed" viewing.  The triples support both, with the right-hand pair for cross-eyed viewing.

Many of the images on these pages have a clickable ".jnlp" link, but we no longer support the Java Web Start mechanism required to use the links, due to security issues with that technology.  If you copy the link, and replace ".jnlp" with ".vZome", you should have a URL that you can open from vZome with the "open URL" command.

Vertex-first Projection of the 120-cell

Quaternion Multiplication and 4D Rotation

Gosset's polytopes

The Grand Antiprism

The 5-Cell and its Family

Affine Regular Pentagons and New Zome Systems

Affine-Regular 120-Cells

Robert Morri's Icosahedral Fractal