Open-source vZome

vZome is open-source!

Tired of waiting for that nasty bug to get fixed?  Have an idea for a cool new feature?  Now you can pitch in and contribute to vZome, for the benefit of everyone.  To help with the vZome source code itself, you should be comfortable with Java coding, with command-line interfaces and IDEs, and with Git and Github.  We can also use help with this website, or even just content development like models, videos, and articles, so coding experience is not a requirement to get involved.

Going open-source was the best vZome decision I've made for a long time.  It opened the door for my collaborator, David Hall, who has been contributing to vZome in every possible way since early 2015.  David has been a big part of vZome 6.0, injecting a level of energy into its development that I could never have sustained on my own.

Come join the team!

The Details

The Java source code for vZome is in Github.  The project includes a README that explains how to build and run from the source.  If you have any difficulty with the instructions, please file an issue in the project.

We are following the usual forking workflow in Github, so start by forking the repo in your own account.  When you feel you're ready to share some enhancements, submit a pull request and we'll start the process of incorporating your changes.