vZome Content Workflows

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Have you ever wished that you could automatically capture an image with every vZome file you save? This is a simple example of a content workflow. More complex examples might include running a mesh conversion when you export a 3D model, or uploading an exported model to a sharing service in the cloud. vZome supports… Read more »

Running vZome on Linux

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As of vZome 6.0 build 22, we will now be shipping a Linux version of vZome. This is a simpler distribution than either the Mac or Windows variant, since it does not include its own Java Runtime Environment. It is simply a ZIP file. Unzip it and you will find bin and lib folders. In… Read more »

Using POV-Ray for Ray-Tracing on Mac OS X

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Ray-traced vZome models are easy again, for Mac users! vZome has had POV-Ray export support for a very long time. However, at least on the Mac, POV-Ray has been getting harder to run. There is no longer a Mac desktop application, and even the command-line Mac builds have disappeared. But at its heart, POV-Ray remains… Read more »