vZome Toolbars for Diehards

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TLDR: You can use vZome 6.0 but still have the tools from older versions. Software applications can be complicated, and vZome is certainly no exception. Once we invest the time to learn an application, we don’t like major changes. It can be frustrating when a trusted application suddenly has a new look, or features move… Read more »

Capturing Vector Graphics (e.g. PDF)

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Are you still capturing JPEG images to share your vZome creations on social media? Or worse, doing screen capture? There’s a better way, for most cases: vector graphics. Formats like PDF, SVG, and Postscript are vector graphics formats. This means they record drawing commands like “move here”, “draw a line here”, and so on. Such… Read more »

vZome Content Workflows

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Have you ever wished that you could automatically capture an image with every vZome file you save? This is a simple example of a content workflow. More complex examples might include running a mesh conversion when you export a 3D model, or uploading an exported model to a sharing service in the cloud. vZome supports… Read more »

Running vZome on Linux

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As of vZome 6.0 build 22, we will now be shipping a Linux version of vZome. This is a simpler distribution than either the Mac or Windows variant, since it does not include its own Java Runtime Environment. It is simply a ZIP file. Unzip it and you will find bin and lib folders. In… Read more »

Using POV-Ray for Ray-Tracing on Mac OS X

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Ray-traced vZome models are easy again, for Mac users! vZome has had POV-Ray export support for a very long time. However, at least on the Mac, POV-Ray has been getting harder to run. There is no longer a Mac desktop application, and even the command-line Mac builds have disappeared. But at its heart, POV-Ray remains… Read more »